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Blizzard Concept


As the son of an actress, Julien's childhood is fed by the warm atmosphere of improvisation performances. In 2005, he turns 20 and gets in the Aire de Cirque company with which he creates the show Rock A Lili Cabaret and tour with it for two years. In 2008 he gets in the professional formation for circus arts at "Piste d'Azur" in Cannes, France, straight followed the year after by his integration in the superior education program for circus arts at "Le Lido", in Toulouse, France. In 2011 he takes part in the creation of the show Biz Biz Bang Bang with the OSEA collective, a social circus project which will lead him to travel across the roads of France, Israël and South America. In 2012, he co-creates the company Blizzard Concept and the show Opéra pour sèche-cheveux whose premiere will take place in 2015. Now, in 2018, here comes the time for him to leave behind the theaters cosyness for a circus tent, as he gets included in the Cirque Pardi and it's new show Low Cost Empire

Self-learner juggler, Antoine Terrieux lives his firsts artistic experiences during his studentship at the geography university. Soon after, he gets in the second year of the professional formation for Circus Arts in Bordeaux, France, where he meets Etienne Saglio with who he starts a project mixing diabolo and magic. This will lead him to take a very close interest for the illusionism world.

One year after, he becomes a student in the superior education program for Circus Arts in "Le Lido", the school of Toulouse, France, as well as in the "Magie nouvelle" formation at the "CNAC" in Châlons en Champagne. A starting point for many incoming collaborations with Raphaël Navarro and the 14:20 company.

In 2012, he co-creates the company Blizzard concept then the show Opéra pour sèche-cheveux with Julien Mandier, which has now been touring for more than 200 times all around the world. In the meantime, they perform a snippet from it during the "35th Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain" in 2014 ( Jury award and Annie Fratellini award ) and the whole show in 2015 for the "Festival d'Avignon" ; The exhibition En Plein Vol ( co-created with Camille Vacher ) is also featured.

Today, he is periodically teaching in CNAC (Centre National des Arts du Cirque) for the "Magie Nouvelle" formation and contributes to other's companies works as an outside view / magic effects designer. He develops and theorizes many research directions about "Performance Autrement", a theme which directly comes from the artistic movement "Magie Nouvelle"..